Interview Skills Training

Course Code:[IST01]
Instructor:Shikha Choda
TopicCourse Outline
Day 1Introduction to Interview Skills
  • Overview of different types of interviews (phone, video, in-person)
  • Importance of preparation and research
  • Developing a concise and compelling introduction
  • Practice and feedback on elevator pitches
Day 2Resume Review and Cover Letter Writing
  • Understanding what employers look for in resumes
  • Common resume and cover letter mistakes
  • Guidelines for creating tailored and impactful cover letters
  • Interactive cover letter writing exercise
Day 3Behavioral Interviewing Techniques
  • Understanding the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) technique
  • Examples of behavioral questions
  • Participants practice answering behavioral questions
  • Peer and instructor feedback
Day 4Mastering Common Interview Questions
  • Preparing responses to common questions
  • Emphasizing strengths and addressing weaknesses
  • Participants engage in mock interviews with peers or instructors
  • Feedback and improvement strategies
Day 5Handling Challenging Situations
  • Strategies for responding to tough interview questions
  • Handling gaps in employment or challenging experiences
  • Guidelines for discussing salary expectations
  • Negotiation techniques and best practices
Day 6Technology and Virtual Interviews
  • Best practices for virtual interviews
  • Overcoming challenges in technology-based interviews
  • Participants engage in virtual mock interviews
  • Feedback on virtual interview performance
Day 7Final Preparation and Continued Learning
  • Reviewing key strategies and tips
  • Developing a pre-interview routine
  • Providing resources for ongoing interview skill development
  • Q&A session and final thoughts

Course Features:

  • Discussions¬†
  • Interactive activities
  • Role-Plays
  • Assignments and practical applications
  • Personalized coaching and feedback

Course Materials:

  • Reading materials and resources
  • Video and audio clips for analysis
  • Communication assessment tools
  • Presentation templates

Assessment and Certification: Participants will be assessed based on their performances, participation and a final project. A certificate of completion will be awarded to those who successfully complete the course.

Course Duration: The course spans 7 consecutive days, with each day’s session lasting approximately 1 contact hour (online) and 1 supervised self-study hour.

Target Audience: This course is suitable not only for job seekers, but for individuals at all levels, who want to achieve a set of valuable skills and knowledge that will enhance their performance in job interviews.

After completion of this 7-day course, students will possess a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge that significantly improves their ability to navigate job interviews successfully, leading to increased confidence and success in securing desired positions.

Note: The course outline is subject to change at the instructor’s discretion. Any modifications will be communicated to students in a timely manner.

COST OF COURSE : Kshs 40000/=

Payable before commencement of Course