IELTS Training

Course Code:[IET01]
Instructor:Shikha Choda

TopicCourse Outline
Day 1Introduction to the IELTS Test and Listening Skills
  • Overview of the IELTS exam format and scoring.
  • Introduction to the Listening module.
  • Listening skills development exercises.
  • Practice with sample listening questions.
  • Tips for time management in the Listening module.
Day 2Reading Skills and Strategies
  • Overview of the Reading module.
  • Different question types in the Reading module.
  • Skimming and scanning techniques.
  • Practice exercises for skimming and scanning.
  • Time management strategies for the Reading module.
Day 3Writing Task 1 (Academic and General Training)
  • Introduction to Academic/General Writing Task 1.
  • Understanding the different types of graphs and charts.
  • Sample Academic Writing Task 1 responses and analysis.
Day 4Writing Task 2 and Essay Construction
  • Introduction to Writing Task 2.
  • Understanding the essay question types.
  • Essay structure and planning.
  • Practice writing essays and peer review
  • Feedback and improvement strategies.
Day 5Speaking Test Strategies and Practice 1 and 2
  • Role-playing Speaking Part 1 scenarios.
  • Peer practice sessions for Speaking Part 1.
  • Introduction to Speaking Part 2 (Long Turn).
  • Strategies for effective Part 2 responses.
  • Sample Part 2 prompts and practice.
Day 6Speaking Test Strategies and Practice 3
  • Introduction to Speaking Part 3.
  • Discussion on common Part 3 themes.
  • Role-playing Speaking Part 3 scenarios.
Day 7Grammar and Vocabulary Enhancement
  • Review of essential English grammar rules.
  • Common grammatical errors to avoid.
  • Strategies for expanding vocabulary.
  • Words and phrases useful in IELTS responses.
Day 8Exam Day Strategies and Final Tips
  • Final review of key strategies and tips.
  • Addressing last-minute concerns.
  • Time management techniques.
  • Q&A session for final clarifications.
  • Relaxation and stress management techniques.
  • Exam day logistics and reminders.

Course Features:

  • Discussions 
  • Interactive activities
  • Role-Plays
  • Assignments and practical applications
  • Personalized coaching and feedback

Course Materials:

  • Reading materials and resources
  • Video and audio clips for analysis
  • Communication assessment tools
  • Presentation templates
  • Sample Tests
  • Online Resources
  • Sample Tests
  • Practice Guides

Course Duration: The course spans 8 days, with each day’s session lasting approximately 1 contact hour (online) and 1 supervised self-study hour.

Target Audience: This course is suitable for individuals aiming to demonstrate their English language proficiency in academic, professional, immigration, and personal contexts.

Students who undergo this 8 day IELTS training course, will be prepared to perform optimally on the IELTS exam and demonstrate a high level of English language proficiency. 

Pre-test to assess your knowledge: Depending on your level, in some cases it may be advisable to take 16 hours of contact training to enhance your ability to perform well. You may have to undergo a test and then the trainer may advice you as to what is best.

Disclaimer: The Trainer aims to equip participants with strategies, skills, and knowledge necessary to perform well in the IELTS exam. However, the outcome of the training is subject to prior English proficiency, individual effort, practice, personal study habits, and external factors beyond the Trainer’s control. It is an individual exam and hence the trainer takes no responsibility for differences in performances.

Note: The course outline is subject to change at the instructor’s discretion. Any modifications will be communicated to students in a timely manner.

COST OF COURSE                  

Kshs 50000/=

Payable before commencement of Course