Holistic Health And Beauty

Course Code:[HHB01]
Instructor:Shikha Choda
TopicCourse Outline
Day 1Introduction to Holistic Health and Beauty
  • Introduction to the connection between health, beauty, and overall well-being
  • Importance of a holistic approach to beauty
  • Setting personalized health and beauty goals
  • Self-assessment of current habits and practices
Day 2Skincare
  • Overview of different skin types and common concerns
  • Skincare routines tailored to specific skin types
  • Introduction to key skincare products and their benefits
  • Understanding skincare ingredient labels
Day 3Nutrition for Healthy Skin and Hair
  • Foods that promote healthy skin, hair, and nails
  • Hydration and its impact on skin health
  • Designing a nutrition plan for radiant skin and strong hair
  • Meal preparation and planning tips
Day 4Fitness for a Healthy Body and Mind
  • Understanding the impact of exercise on skin health and overall beauty
  • Choosing exercises that promote vitality
  • Designing a fitness routine 
  • Incorporating relaxation exercises for mental well-being
Day 5Self-Care and Stress Management
  • Importance of stress management for skin health
  • Incorporating self-care practices into daily life
  • Developing a self-care routine that fits individual lifestyles
  • Techniques for relaxation and mindfulness
Day 6Beauty from the Inside Out
  • Exploring the mind-body connection and its impact on beauty
  • Practices for promoting mental and emotional well-being
  • Creating natural beauty treatments at home
  • Tips for pampering and rejuvenating the skin
Day 7Makeup Techniques for Enhancing Beauty
  • Introduction to makeup products and tools
  • Fundamental makeup techniques for a natural look
  • Exploring more advanced makeup applications
  • Tips for special occasions and creative expression

Course Features:

  • Discussions 
  • Interactive activities
  • Demonstrations
  • Assignments and practical applications
  • Personalized coaching and feedback

Course Materials:

  • Video and audio clips for analysis
  • Presentation templates and tools
  • Recipes
  • Skin care guides
  • Make up kit

Assessment and Certification: Participants will be assessed based on their performances, participation and a final project. A certificate of completion will be awarded to those who successfully complete the course.

Course Duration: The course spans 7 consecutive days, with each day’s session lasting approximately 1 contact hour (online) and 1 supervised self-study hour.

Target Audience: This course is suitable for individuals at all levels who want to achieve a wide range of benefits that contribute to their overall well-being, appearance, and lifestyle.

This 7-day course, should empower individuals to embrace a balanced lifestyle, and cultivate practices that contribute to a positive and radiant sense of self. 

Note: The course outline is subject to change at the instructor’s discretion. Any modifications will be communicated to students in a timely manner.

COST OF COURSE: Kshs 40000/=

Payable before commencement of Course