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We are pleased to offer the Modern Day Social Etiquette for Adults Course centered on the French Principle of and le savoir vivre (sav-wahr-vee vruh) translated as “knowledge of life”. The program graduates young men and ladies to meet life with poise, good manners and confidence.

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Dive into a world of endless possibilities with our extensive range of courses designed to meet the needs of today's dynamic learners. Whether you're seeking to enhance your professional skills, pursue a passion, or chart an entirely new career path, SFS has the perfect course for you. From communication to public speaking to table settings and holistic health and beauty, our courses are crafted to empower you with knowledge and skills that matter in today’s competitive world.

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Our tutor's expertise include leadership, personal branding, image impact, and magnetic communication skills.

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We ensure that all levels of your experience are unparalleled in service, education and personal development.

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Our training not only facilitates academic excellence but also nurtures the holistic development of students.

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Course: Modern Day Social

Location: Online

Duration: 6 Weeks

Price: Ksh. 200,000

Trainer: Ms. Shikha

Certificate: Yes

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